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Womens Services
Haircut with Shampoo PHP 70
Hair Curl PHP 199
Hair Highlights PHP 399
Hair cure PHP 350
Hair spa PHP 350
Hair color (branded) PHP 500
Mens Services
Regular Haircut PHP 70
Regular Haircut with shampoo PHP 99
Hair color (branded) PHP 500
Mens Manicure PHP 70
Mens Pedicure PHP 70
Mens Facial PHP 499
Other Services
Brazilain wax PHP 500
Uderarm wax PHP 100
Legs wax PHP 400
Hair iron PHP 99
Hair dry PHP 99
Hair and Make up PHP 500
Other Services
Yomogi steam thearapy PHP 300
Yomogi and Facial set PHP 499
Glutathaone PHP 800
Diamond peel facial PHP 799
Warts removal per dot PHP 150
Ear candle PHP 300
Other Services
Eyelash extension PHP 350
Eyelash extension retouch PHP 300
Eyelash extension remove PHP 150
Eyelash perming PHP 300
Regular pedicure PHP 70
Regular manicure PHP 70
Other Services
Hair Rebond PHP 1000
Hair Brazilan blowout PHP 800
Foot spa PHP 300
Hot oil PHP 199
Gel Polish PHP 400
Pedicure and Manicure set PHP 140