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Womens Services
Haircut with Shampoo PHP 100
Manicure PHP 100
Pedicure PHP 100
Facial PHP 499
Brazilain wax PHP 500
Eyelash perming PHP 200
Mens Services
Regular Haircut PHP 100
Regular Haircut with shampoo PHP 100
Mens Facial PHP 499
Mens Manicure PHP 100
Mens Pedicure PHP 100
Mens Facial PHP 500
Other Services
Warts removal 50/ warts (package 4 warts) PHP 200
Gel polish PHP 350
Diamond peel PHP 599
RF Cavitation 20 mins. PHP 299
Ultrasonic PDT mask PHP 399
Miracle white PHP 800
Other Services
Snow white PHP 1200
Cinderella PHP 1200
Snow glow PHP 1200
Vitamin C PHP 300
Collagen PHP 400
Glutax 2000gs PHP 500
Other Services
Aquaskin pro 50,000mg PHP 500
Aquaskin diamond PHP 500
Aquaskin 30,000 mg PHP 500
Zaguta PHP 800
x PHP x
x PHP x
Other Services
x PHP x
x PHP x
x PHP x
x PHP x
x PHP x
x PHP x