Welcome to Booking Salon and Spa. Customers can directly booked and Register upon ordering.

Question 1

How does it works for guest/customers?

For our guest/customers; Find your favorite Salon's and Spa's in our venue list. If you can find your nearest Salon and Spa; then you can booked your services with your preferred date and time of schedule. Once you have choose your services and schedule; You can simply add them to your cart and follow the steps accordingly until you have completed the transaction including the downpayment fee of 10% if the total services you have taken is above PHP 201; If the services is below PHP 200; then fixed price of PHP 30 will be the booking and reservation fee. The remaining 90% you need to pay it on your choosen Salon and Spa venue or if fixed price; then you need to pay the remaining amout. The remaining amount to be paid will also shown or indicated to your reciept. This will sent to your email; after you complete your transactions.

How does it works for Business Partners / Salon and Spa Owners?

You need to register first here. Once you complete the registration process. You need to send us via email with the list of Salon and services you can offer with the price list of your services including your list of employees and there availabe schedule. We will add your services under your business with the price you specified. We do all the marketing for you; you will received notification via email if there are jobs or services you need to do. You can also view it in your profile from our platform. All booking and services will be sent to your registered email address.

Question 2

How to pay? (guest/customers)

We accept any type of Credit card or Debit card or PayPal; We only collect 10% of your total services you booked. Example: Haircut price is PHP 100; We only collect PHP 10; The remaining PHP 90 ; you need to pay to the Salon Spa venue you have choosen. OR if the total services is below PHP 200; then will take a fixed rate of PHP 30.

Customers Payment? (Business Partners / Salon and Spa Owners)

In our platform the customers will pay using there credit card and debit card or paypal in a secured transactions; we do not have cash transaction. Customers already choose what kind of package/Services schedule/date/time they need on your Salon and Spa and 10% was paid already using there credit card or debit card or PayPal or PHP30 was done paid if your services is cost below PHP200 (example: Haircut price is PHP100; then we take a PHP30 fixed; Customer will pay on the venue of PHP70 only); If the services price is above PHP201 cost on your services then a deduction of 10% (by percentage). The 10% or PHP30 charge from the guest/customers will be the service charge from BookingSalonSpa in using our platform. The 90%  or the remaining cost will be paid from the customers on your venue. As a businees partners; you will received email notification of what services and time and schedule the client/guest who booked. So please follow the preferred schedule from our customer and guest accordingly and professionaly. 

Question 3

As a Customer/Guest can we cancel our booking and reservations?

Yes; You have the rights to cancel your booking and reservation. The cancellation must be done 3 hours before your schedule; otherwise it will be forfeited. If you cancel your booking on time; there will be a 10% deduction on your total deposit for your booking and reservations. Cancellation link will be email to your email after you have completed the booking and reservation process. We will refund the amount via PayPal with in 72 hours. Creating PayPal account is free.

Can the Customer/guest cancel there booking and reservation?

Yes; they have the rights to cancel there booking and reservation but this must be done 3 hours before there schedule otherwise the transaction will not be refunded. If  guest/customer cancel on time; We will refund the amount via paypal with in 72 hours with 10% deduction for the payment gateway platform. As a business partners you will get notified on your email if the guest/customer cancel or changed there booking and reservations.

Question 4

What if I am not satisfied on there services? (guest/customers)

Guest/Customers can leave there review if they are happy or not satisfied on the services they order; They can leave the reviews on the employee or the therapist/beauty consultant. Not to the company or the Salon and Spa. Only customers can leave the review.

Reviews and Feedback ? ( business partners / Salon and Spa owners)

Only legit customers can leave a comment/review after the services is done. We do not accept discrimination and offensive personal reviews. Guest and Customers can only review on the employees who perform the services and task. 


Question 4

What is BookingSalonSpa.com?

We provide the platform for our business partner and guest/customers. The advantange of using this platform is your client/guest will not wait because they booked there preferred time and schedule and the business owners can prepare and focus on the services they offer. We do the marketing for you; we will showcase your portfolio by using our platform. If you have promos and discounts on your products and services; we will also work it for you. We boost your business.